Technology View


The technology approach is architected to leverage existing SaaS solutions while maintaining the ability to provide a completely end-to-end branded implementation of the platform. Some key technologies are leveraged to make this possible.

Static Site Generation (SSG)

The traditional deployment model for a website includes some mechanism for content authors to create content and a storage mechanism to persist this content. When a page is requested through a web server, the page is generated and rendered to the requester.

The downside of this traditional approach is that some form of storage and compute is required at all times. «Add more about traditional downsides»

SSGs take a different approach. The content is held in a git repository (leveraging GitHub’s free model) and when changes are made to the content, the entire site is generated to static HTML & JavaScript. This means that a webserver just sends this pre-generated content when requested and doesn’t need any compute (post-build) to operate.

High-level Context

UKRA Context model