User Journeys

Primary Journey


Name Heather Williams
Age 22
Bio Heather studies aerospace engineering at university and she needs access to timely and accurate information regarding HPR in the UK.Heather and her classmates feel that obtaining HPR certification will be an advantage post-graduation.


The overall journey for Heather is diagrammed below. The following sections describe the details fo each stage.

Heather Full


During the awareness stage, Heather is interested in the services we provide and searches the internet and social media looking for information.

Heather Awareness

The primary task at this stage is to make sure Heather can easily find us.

Some areas we can focus on to optimise this awareness are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Maintaining an active blog (also increasing SEO)
  • Active and varies social media posts

Once Heather is aware of us, she moves to the consideration stage.


During the consideration phase, Heather consumes information from the website and interacts with UKRA looking for answers to general questions.

Heather Consideration

There are two main concerns in this phase.