User Interactions

Consideration Stage

Contact Subscribes

Static View

The static view calls out the important components required to satisfy the flow.

The components are

  • Landing Page - The landing page provides the single entry to the UKRA platform.
  • ListSubOffer - The mailing list subscription offer form is displayed to users offering the opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list.
  • Contact Service - The contact service is responsible for calling any APIs required in order to subscribe someone to the mailing list. This component insulates the platform from external change.
  • Mail Chimp - The Mail Chimp CRM platform provides mailing list functionality including data privacy and preferences.
      direction RL
      ListSubOffer --|> ContactService
      LandingPage --|> ListSubOffer
      ContactService --|> MailChimp
      class ListSubOffer{
          +String name
          +String email
      class ContactService{
          +String name
          +String email
      class MailChimp{
        +String name
        +String email

Active View

The active view describes how the components interact to implement the user flow. This interaction begins when Heather (Primary Persona) navigates to the UKRA website homepage.

    Heather->>LandingPage: Navigate
    LandingPage->>ListSubOffer: display
    ListSubOffer-->>Heather: Display
    Heather->>ListSubOffer: subscribe(name, email)
    ListSubOffer->>ContactService: subscribe(name, email)
    ContactService->>MailChimp: subscribe
    MailChimp-->>Heather: confirm
    Heather->>MailChimp: activate
    MailChimp->>Heather: welcome email
  1. Heather navigates to the UKRA landing page
  2. The landing page displays a pop-up offer page
  3. The offer page encourages the user to subscribe and allows the user to enter a name and email address
  4. The user accepts the offer by entering their name and email address and selecting the subscribe button
  5. The form data is passed to the Contact Service
  6. The contact service invokes the APIs required to create a new subscription in Mail Chimp
  7. Mail Chimp send a subscription confirmation email with appropriate wording to cover opt-in and personal data policy acceptance.
  8. The user clicks on the activate link in the email
  9. MailChimp confirms the subscription and triggers the delivery of a welcome email