Digital Strategy

There are two critical components to the overall digital strategy, which are understanding the customer and modernising customer engagement.

Understanding the Customer

From the perspective of UKRA, our customers are the membership. In order to understand the customer, we need to understand the overall journey a person would take throughout their interaction with us.

That journey begins with awareness and completes with advocacy as depicted below Detailed analysis of core journeys provides insight to the interaction touchpoints and potential pan points for

Journey Stages


In the awareness stage, the persona becomes aware of the association and how to interact with us.


In the consideration phase, the persona uses our publicly available services while deciding on deeper engagement.


The membership stage is where contacts join the association.


This is the stage where members use the association services reserved for members only.


In this stage, members elevate to advocates fo the associations

Customer Engagement

The customer view of UKRA must be consistent in flow, design and branding. In order to achieve this, the UKRA “website” provides all customer facing interactions (with the exception of emails, which are addressed below).

customer view

This approach also allows non-technical people manage the overall system. Specific applications that are designed for ease of use are available for use. More technical people have access to the details that they require to maintain and extend the system over time.

We need to change the focus of communication from the current facebook approach to a web platform approach where the current facebook and other social media outlets are target communication channels.

This allows us to present a consistent - branded - view of the platform, while still leveraging freely available capabilities.