Hobby Club Membership Architecture

How to manage and engage club membership in the 21st century


  • Easily managed by anyone
    • no single dependency
    • well documented and supportable
  • Inexpensive (free is best)
  • Consider the membership as our customers

What is Membership?

More that just members and requires categorisation

  • Contact - Anyone that we know about
  • Member - Someone with an active membership
  • Certified - Someone with an active certification
  • Lapsed - A former member, now not active
  • etc.

We Require an ecosystem

  • User accounts / identity
    • security and personalisation
    • self serve changes
  • User data management
    • secure storage of PII
    • GDPR and other data protection
  • User communications
    • direct and group notifications
    • opt in/out and preferences

Use the Internet

Many SaaS products offer a free tier for low usage customers and provide the capabilities we require


  • Customer data storage
  • Customer authentication and authorisation
  • Secure version management of documents
  • Web presence and outreach

Mailchimp - User Management

Free Tier
contacts 2000
audience 1
sends/mth 10,000
sends/day 2,000

We use contacts for all membership and leverage

  • Opt in/out functionality
  • GDPR (and other data protection) compliance

Auth0 - Identity & Access

Free Tier
active users 7,000
logins unlimited

we use users for all membership and leverage

  • Login and Identity
  • Define roles (e.g. kind of member)
  • Sync with Mailchimp

Github - Storage

Free Tier
repositories unlimited
automation minutes/mth 2,000

we use github to securely store and version data

  • Website content
  • Encrypted user data
  • UKRA documents and publications

Netlify - web presence

Free Tier
bandwidth 100GB/month
build minutes 300/month
websites unlimited
serverless functions 125k/month
forms 100/month

we use netlify to provide website and integration

How do we wire it up?


Using existing APIs and integrations

The Ask

The initial ask is for committee approval to initiate

  • Overall approach
  • Create (free) accounts for products
    • Registered to a UKRA email address
  • Initial configuration for baseline

Next Steps

After the baseline activity, we can start

  • Recruiting the UKRA Tech Team
  • Detailed design documentation
  • Migrate existing members to the system
  • Build out new website
  • Enable bulk email communication