Source U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation photo No. 1996.488.256.005

Sometime early in the lockdown here in England, I bought some big kits from a couple of European vendors (Sierra Fox and Klima) for a good price and immediate availability. Since the future was unclear, I thought it wise to make sure I had a steady supply fo things to build. If anything was clear about the future, a need to build something was high on that list!

The Phoenix has a particular appeal to me based on time frame if nothing else. The days of the F-14 and AIM-54 happened to be the days of my high-school years and subsequent service in the US Marines. The missile really has a fascinating aesthetic quality and brings on all of the complex technological over-engineering that only the 80s could generate.

This project documents the materials collected as part of the project and a summary of the approach to the build. Construction details are all documented separately for convenience.

Kit vs. scale

The main sport-scale element provided with the Loc kit is the nose cone. It is extremely common for people to use an ogive that’s “close enough” and in most cases that’s correct enough. I go into the details on this aspect in a post.

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