Starting the blog

I have finally found the time to consolidate all my notes, clippings, projects and other random things into one lump on the internet. As an inaugural post, this should be fairly underwhelming but let me give a summary of what I plan for this site.

My day job is as an architect in a large corporate environment serving the scientific community; it’s a great job and a great company. I intend to capture some of the more interesting items relating to architecture and general technology here. If nothing more than as a place to keep an active notebook.

My hobbies are centred around rocketry and robots. High power rockets and autonomous robots specifically. This will be the place where I centralise the past, present and future projects relating to these.

Ronald Hatcher
Ronald Hatcher
Technologist, Architect, Space Enthusiast

My research interests include rocketry, robotics and software architecture.